Art / Earth / Tech Residency

The Art Earth Tech residency program provides affordable access to inspiring locations where you can focus on your ideas and projects whilst supported and connected to our community.

The residencies are located in our HUBs in London, Taipei and La Cheraille (a farm near Paris) and last for a minimum of a month and a maximum of three months.

The residencies are open to people of all backgrounds, professions and ages. Our residencies are not sponsored or subsidised, but are paid for through the residency, membership fees and the generosity of the Art / Earth / Tech community.

To Apply

Please fill in the following form:

More Information

The cost of each residency is as follows (well below market rates in each case):

  • London (near Old Street): €770 per month
  • Taipei €1000 per month for two people (€16,5 per night per person)
  • La Cheraille (Flower farm 45 minutes from Paris): €525 per month (€17 per night)

Residency program are for 1 month minimum to 3 months maximum. There are no specific dates, please put the date for which you would like to come.

See each differents HUBs page for details about their location and ethos.

As conditions of the residency:

  • You will need to agree that Art Earth Tech is not liable for any damage to you or your property.
  • You are expected to participate to in community and space of the Hub ( eg: cooking, cleaning). Each Hubs might have additional fees (eg: contribution of communal meals).
  • Art Earth Tech provides bedcover, sheets, pillow cover and towel.
  • When leaving your residency we ask you to not leave traces and put things back where you found them, to not colonize space nor information (books, dvd’s etc.), – and keep information, materials, apparatuses and spaces available and as you found them.
  • We will not pick you up at train stations or airport, that means that you have to come by your own means.
  • Hubs can not take animals.
  • Payment is by bank transfer or paypal within two weeks of acceptance to the residency (If this is a problem this can be discussed).
  • Partners: residencies are for individuals. If you want to come with a partner please contact us and we can discuss this.
  • You are responsible for obtaining any relevant travel permissions including visas. (Art / Earth / Tech may be able to provide you with a letter of support).

Here is a link to the London house agreement London house agreement