Here are some examples of the kinds of areas we discuss:

Collective Intelligence:

We've created a complex society, in which, it seems, no individual can fully understand what is going on around him. How do we put our heads together more effectively to understand the world we live in and solve problems like global warming?

Renewing the Foundations for Art and Aesthetics:

The enormous concern that the Art World places on novelty and theory would have been foreign to any previous era of human history. Is this a wise cultural innovation that we’ve made? What can we learn from expression of creativity in other societies?

Pragmatic Utopianism:

There is a growing intuition that something is deeply the matter, that, despite so much material progress we are not truly satisfied, happy and at peace. What are our foundational values and views, our big vision and its associated roadmap; and how do we facilitate consensus on these and their implementation in the next fifty to two hundred years?

Open Information:

Information is becoming main thing we make, trade and use. The virtual nature of this new world built on ‘bits’ makes it different from the physical world of bread and land and cars which can only have one user at a time. Because information can be used by many at the same time, it makes a world of open information both possible and desirable — that is a world in which all public information can be openly and freely used, shared and built on.

Art Earth Tech: What did we learn in 2017 ?

What are the lessons learnt from our various projects undertaken since the last gathering: the London Hub, The LEAP, iMed and the Institute. It is a moment for us to share learnings across our different initiatives and to think of way to go forward as a collective.