Sunday Salons

Take time to unwind on a Sunday afternoon whilst someone shares with you what has captured their imagination. From fermenting kimchi through heartbreak, to social and cultural implications of AI. Our community is rich with gems, masters and mistresses of all sorts of skills and knowledge, and this is an opportunity to listen and learn from their passion.

Sunday Papers Live. Photo by Sebastian Barros

Here are the details of upcoming salons:

Sunday 28th June: ‘Networks of Socio-Ecological Resiliency’ with Rory Egan Curtin

Join our open online salon as we delve into the world of systems, agriculture, and community.

What: Rory Egan Curtin is leading a discussion about the Himalayan region of Ladakh, India, which has recently seen social-ecological transformations occur at an unprecedented rate. How might we learn from this in ways that impact our understanding of food, community, and resiliency in a time when all are called into question?

When: Sunday June 28th, 2-4PM (UK)

How do these salons work?

On the last Sunday of the month, we open our doors to those in our community who have something to teach us, from knowledge to new skills. As a listener, you simply need to log on to the call and the session will be led first by the guest host, and then with a discussion afterwards. If you would like to host one of these sessions and lead a salon, email [email protected] and they will arrange this with you.

What do I get out of these salons?

Our community is vibrant with expertise in many fields under a commonality that is: a wiser way of being, and how to generate that in the world today. You get to learn from these experts and be part of a community that values rigour and expertise, knowledge sharing and craftsmanship.

Why Art / Earth / Tech value this practice 

As a community we are nothing without the people who make up the community – from different fields, cultures and ages. As you know from our Gatherings, our team and collaborations, AET is multidisciplinary and is nourished by our differences and edges.

Here are the times and dates of the salons:

28th June: ‘Networks of Socio-Ecological Resiliency’ with Rory Egan Curtin 2-4pm UK; 3-5pm CET


Write your autobiography

What is my story? How did I become the way I am? What were the events in my life that changed it? Who influenced my look on life?

What: Take the time to reflect on who you are; become the author of your life through writing and collaging your autobiography in a supportive group to share your story with

Why: What holds us back in our life are stories from our past. Distinguishing and sharing them helps us transform them.

How: Online group call for 1.5 hours every week with writing homework

When: Every Wednesday from 6:30-8pm UK for two months (9 sessions) 10th June – 5th August 2020

Price: £100 (£8 a session)

This was an amazing process of writing my story, reflecting on who I am and how I become that person.

How do these calls work?

During our weekly call, you will get to reflect on your own life path and share how your identity was formed and start to transform the seeds of the past. You will be heard by the others in the group who will also share what they are discovering about themselves. Outside of the call, you will be set writing each week that will become your autobiography. Take the time for yourself to look at your life to date so you are free to create the life you want.

You will be part of a WhatsApp group where you get to share weekly insights and pictures of your autobiographical work. In community is a way to help us break free from the narrative of separation into a sense of belonging. You can benefit from our practices regardless of your age from 20 to 80’s and beyond, our community welcomes people of all ages and backgrounds.

Doing this with others, the sharing was so moving and I got present to how I belong to one big family, that no matter the age or where we come from or our social background – we are all the same.

What do I get out of these calls?

These calls allow you to have a better understanding of your life path, create balance and a clearer direction to go forward in your life. To live in the present moment by using powerful creative tools such as collage, writing and group sharing. To be part of a community.

Here are some things that will get covered: 

  • [Coll]ages: We will work with collages on the narratives we created about ourselves and the world at different ages, so we may bring more awareness on the dynamics at play in our life
  • [I]dentity: we will explore how our sense of “I” was formed
  • [Auto]biography: we will bring more consciousness into our life journey rather than living from our subconscious mechanism 

The collages were powerful as a creative process to free myself from the past.

Why Art Earth Tech value the practice

Part of creating a wiser world we all want to live in, is by becoming more aware of how we form our identity and narratives, so we may master the perspective we have on the world, ourselves and others. We see that having deep understanding helps being empowered, and sharing that with others is where you can transform your story.

Join our ‘Write your autobiography’ calls, every Wednesday at 6:30pm-8pm UK for 3 months (12 sessions) with your hosts Sylvie Barbier & Petronella Tyson

Sylvie is a performance artist, the co-founder and head of programs at Art / Earth / Tech. Sylvie trained in Steiner Waldorf pedagogy and taught Art and Design at Polimoda in Florence, Italy. She creates powerful experiences and exercises for people to inquire about what it means to be a human being. These often include enhancing our senses, awareness, relatedness and connection.

Petronella is a trained facilitator, community practitioner and Doula. She has twelve years experience working in communities and is passionate that they are the place for transformation and wellbeing. In order for a community to flourish, it requires us to get clear on what’s going on inside us.

Here are the times and dates of the calls:

  • Wednesday 10th June 6:30 – 8pm
  • Wednesday 17th June 6:30 – 8pm
  • Wednesday 24th June 6:30 – 8pm
  • Wednesday 1st July 6:30 – 8pm
  • Wednesday 8th July 6:30 – 8pm
  • Wednesday 15th July 6:30 – 8pm
  • Wednesday 22nd July 6:30 – 8pm
  • Wednesday 29th July 6:30 – 8pm
  • Wednesday 5th August 6:30 – 8pm

How to create community in practice

As the confusion and uncertainty beset the world back at the start of April, many of us were thrown into redesigning and readjusting to our lives. Some of us lost people, some of us lost work, some of us were on furlough and some of us were requested to work from home. For the majority this is still the case months later. 

Art Earth Tech is a distributed team of people who work in different countries and timezones, so much of our communication and work culture is generated online. Over time we have experimented with different practices and processes to help us be effective, be connected and be well as a team, and as a community. We are community committed to being in action. And that takes practice.

Recently, we launched a new offering to share these practices and exercises with our community. These require a low but regular commitment and construct something more powerful for you in the long run. 

Get S*** Done calls is an elaboration of our morning stand-up routine. We hold one another to account for what we say we will get done that day; and what was done the day before. We give our word to the team, and that is all we can give. There is no one else telling us what to do, no ‘pressure’ we create from elsewhere, it is on our word to create our work and move the company forward. That is powerful. As it is in everyday life. 

And if you don’t do what you said you would… there is nothing wrong. If you can identify what ‘blocked you’, what got in your way and how we as a team can help (both with coaching and structurally), we go through it during the call. You can only get the support though if you share what stopped you – and that requires a level of openness and vulnerability crucial to team and to community bonding. 

Each morning now, I sit and watch as 24 people from across Europe pop up on my screen because they gave their word to show up to the group, and to themselves; to hold one another to account, the sense of integrity and commitment is tangible and their results show that. 

The next cohort starts on 8th June at 8:30am (BST) and is open to book here.

Creativity is like a muscle, the more you practice the stronger it gets. In our Creative Practice calls, you get to be more in tune with yourself and your intuition. Our community provides support and helps you with motivation, since one of the hardest things is to keep yourself motivated in your creative practice when you are alone. Morning is the best time to activate your right brain, so you will continue your day being more in the flow. Join Sylvie at 7:30am (BST) every Thursday morning from 11th June for six weeks and see for yourself what happens if you practice!

And finally, we delve deeper into our story.  We are excited to share with you Write your autobiography class: an opportunity to get clear on your past so you can create a new future. This is a beautiful journey with a group to reflect and discover perhaps long forgotten years of your life, key events and key people who took you in a different direction. During our weekly call you will get to share and reflect on your own life path, how your identity got formed and start to transform the seeds of the past. After just 9 weeks, you get your own unique book full of collage and stories of what made you who you are today. Starts Wednesday 10th June at 6:30pm (BST)

“Doing this with others, the sharing was so moving and I got present to how I belong to one big family, that no matter the age or where we come from or our social background – we are all the same.”

For all of us, we are in a time of reflection, of noticing and of opportunity to transform what isn’t working. These calls are simple ways to be part of a community that holds you to account to that opportunity and helps you break through what is not working for you. Come and join the call with us.


Get S*** Done Calls

“The practice of writing down goals and To Dos helps to create more headspace and focus. I’m usually not a person who likes to be held accountable for tasks and when there are deadlines, I do everything at the last minute, but this feels completely different and for some magical reason I get so motivated to tick off boxes. Especially in these times I feel extremely grateful for this cohort and the support it’s giving me.

Maybe there are projects you always wanted to do but never got around to it. Maybe you tend to procrastinate and overthink things. Maybe sometimes you just need to talk to someone so you can get your juices flowing! Well the Get S*** Done call is for you! You can benefit from our practices if you are doing a massive spring clean or delivering a project to a client. This call is open for all from teachers to musicians, to engineers and business owners all over Europe. 

Join our Get S*** Done calls, every weekday morning for 25 minutes from Monday 8th June at 8:30am (UK) for 3 weeks with your host Petronella @Art Earth Tech.

Book in for £30 for 15 sessions and get £5 BACK if you attend 90% of the calls!

“If you want some structure and to make yourself accountable to other people, this is a great way to do it. Also a good opportunity to get clear on what it is you really want to achieve and why and how your daily to-do list are aligned with that. In lockdown particularly, it is really great to see other faces everyday and make contact with others but even outside of lockdown, for those who work alone, from home or are self employed, I would say it’s an excellent course.”

How do these calls work? 

You will be part of a WhatsApp group, where you get to write up what you have accomplished in the last 24 hours, what your game is to achieve and do in the next 24 hours, and what you may be blocked with.  This is where being part of a community who has your back helps. 

Life has always been uncertain, yet having practices and people around help us accomplish what we want. 

What do I get out of these calls?

Our community provides support and accountability which produces powerful results (and better than going at it alone). This is a practice we have tested ourselves internally for several years and it works. Which is why we want to offer it to our broader community. Here are some additional things that will get covered:

  • Self motivation and self management
  • Accountability
  • Validation exercise
  • Integrity

“I always take so much out of it! For me especially it is reassuring to see that we all struggle with similar things and that that, too, is part of the process. But I also get a lot of inspiration from seeing what people are striving to accomplish and from getting a more private glimpse into the life of a stranger, and what other forms of living there are (profession, housing, volunteering, cooking, farming,…)

Get S*** Done Culture of Art / Earth / Tech

Part of creating a wiser world we all want to live in, is in the way we are being and getting s*** done. Art Earth Tech would not exist if it were not for us waking up with a possibility and getting the legwork done. We’re doers as well as thinkers and meditators. We value hard work, commitment, shipping, and getting sh** done. So we can’t wait to be on the call with y’all and share this practice with you. Who’s in?! 

Join our morning calls at 8:30am – 8:55am (UK) on Get S*** Done. 

Every weekday for 30min from Monday 8th June to Friday 29th May with your host Petronella @Art Earth Tech. Book yourself for £30 and get £5 BACK if you attend 90% of the calls!

“The morning meetings helped me focus, not just on my day ahead, but on what is important to me. I’ve come away from three weeks with (finally!) a sense that I can make space for the bigger plans in my life. And there are already signs of that plan coming together.”

Here are the times and dates of the calls (BST):

You can benefit from our practices if you are doing a massive spring clean or delivering a project to a client. This call is open for all from teachers to musicians, to engineers and business owners. 

  • Monday 8th June 8:30-9:30am our first call will be for 1h, so we can set you up!
  • Tuesday 9th June 8:30-8:55am
  • Wednesday 10th June 8:30-8:55am  
  • Thursday 11th June 8:30-8:55am
  • Friday 12th June 8:30-8:55am – a review of the week 1 🙂
  • Monday 15th June 8:30-8:55am
  • Tuesday 16th June 8:30-8:55am
  • Wednesday 17th June 8:30-8:55am
  • Thursday 18th June 8:30-8:55am
  • Friday 19th June 8:30-8:55am  
  • Monday 22nd June 8:30-8:55am
  • Tuesday 23rd June 8:30-8:55am
  • Wednesday 24th June 8:30-8:55am
  • Thursday 25th June 8:30-8:55am
  • Friday 26th June 8:30-9:30am – our last call will be for 1h, so we reflect on our learning and outcomes and celebrate our accomplishments! Order the pastries 🙂

CANCELLED: Online Salon: Community resilience with Rory Egan Curtin Sunday 5th April 3pm CET

This salon has been cancelled and we will inform you when it will be rescheduled

Join us for a discussion on the ‘Networks of Socio-Ecological Resiliency in Collaborative Agrarian Communities in the Himalayan Region of Ladakh, India’ from a new friend of Art Earth Tech community Rory Egan CurtinShe is a buzzing community organiser with tonnes of energy and ideas, and we are excited to welcome her! 


The Himalayan region of Ladakh, India, has recently seen social-ecological transformations occur at an unprecedented rate, with unpredictable ramifications for social-ecological systems (SES), the economy, and food security, as increasing numbers of farmers abandon their traditional farming practices to seek higher education and enter the wage labor market in urban centers. The research I will present at Art/Earth/Tech asks why these changes are occurring, and what will likely be the consequences for the culture and ecology of this unique agrarian region. What makes this discussion of particular interest to sociologists, urban planners, and systems thinkers alike, is systems theory has yet to identify the level of interdependent complexity and collaboration at play in traditionally agricultural and collaborative communities. This is significant because the collaborative culture of such farming societies may present a more resilient approach to how communities can work with one another and their environment, fostering more cohesion rather than competition, and ensuring greater food security and social cohesion. Inspiration for a better future?


Rory Curtin is a doctoral student at Humboldt University in Berlin, who graduated from Columbia University with her MA in Tibetan Studies. Her research focuses on the macro-significance of findings that can illustrate the benefits of cooperation specific to agrarian societies. As, she recognizes the potential to incentivize governments to encourage community-based agriculture through subsidies, not only for the benefit of preserving aspects of traditional culture, but serve to protect the resilience of fragile ecosystems. She currently lives in Berlin. 

You are welcome to drop in just for a part or join for the whole session. 

## Join

Meeting ID: 599 047 500

Find your local number:

## Background

The Art Earth Tech Salons ☕are friendly, informal discussion sessions. They are run virtually and usually centred on a particular theme. All are welcome and the event is open so feel free to share invitation with others (just add them to the calendar invite). We also welcome suggestions for future topics and offers to present 📣 


A wise response to a crisis

wisdom in practice brought to you by Art / Earth / Tech

Newsletter March 2020

In this edition we cover: 

  • The opportunities and lessons to take away from Coronavirus
  • Essay: Outbreak by Charlotte du Cann 
  • Blog: Letting go of being enlightened by Liam Kavanagh
  • Practice
  • Books
  • Events (online) 
  • AET update
  • Prayer

This offering from Art Earth Tech is curated to bring you a selection of wise goods themed differently each time. Recently, Coronavirus has changed everything and so this issue has a blend of our own offerings and material with a selection of writing and events that inspire us. 

Our response to the Coronavirus 

This one minute film Danger, Opportunity, Meaning and Hope distils our thoughts for our call on Saturday – created by member Richard Millington 
– and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more videos of our salons and events

The Chinese word for crisis is composed of the word “Danger” and “Opportunity”. Right now, there is a lot of the conversation in the public space coming from a place of  “fear” and focused on the danger and disruption. Here, at Art/ Earth / Tech we would like to emphasize more the “opportunity” – without in any way diminishing or denying the suffering arising for people – but focusing more on the lessons and reflection that we may take from it?

Let’s dare to dream together and paint a new world, one where we trust and learn from the lessons the Coronavirus has to offer, come join us in our open Online Community day this Saturday evening 28th March 6-8pm (CET),  5-7pm (UK)
Join via Zoom here

Continue reading our post here: The opportunities and lessons to take away from Coronavirus

Essay: Outbreak 

by Charlotte du Cann

Charlotte du Cann is a writer, editor and co-director of the Dark Mountain Project. She is involved in our Contemplative Activism Sangha and recently spoke at the Human // Nature // Stories event held in London by member Hannah Close. You can watch her talk, The Kist, which she mentions in the essay below.  

“Having resisted every warning and admonishment to transform and change our ways, we are now, as a collective, being forced into a cocoon ourselves, to do the work we should have done generations ago…I am bereft of access to places and people I once loved. But I know this loss is part of the payback, the great sobriety, what Bendell has termed the second R of Relinquishment, ‘what we need to let go of that is making the crisis worse’.”

To continue reading this moving piece, read on the Dark Mountain Project website

The Oil Slick at the recent action against BP sponsorship at the British Museum Photo: Guy Reece

Blog: Letting go of being enlightened

by Liam Kavanagh

“Is now the time when we start to truly realise that when we declared our enlightenment a few centuries ago, we were a bit premature and to make a course correction?

I don’t know, but I feel certain that our decision making is impaired by massive attachments to these notions: that we can control fate through reason and science, that we are separate individuals living “our own lives”, and dogmatic ideals of equality. In the paper, I discuss how these ideas relate to our inaction in the face of the long-standing threat of climate change.”
Here, Liam discusses how they have affected our coronavirus response.


We need our practice more than ever, particularly in the confines of our homes with our loved ones! These regular group meditations are excellent. 

Love Vs Virus

Twice daily meditations from Burgs, The Art of Meditation, at 9am and 6:30pm CET; 10am and 7:30pm UK time.These live group loving kindness meditations and talks offer support, encouragement and advice on how to build a positive response to the unfolding situation we are facing. 

Cup of calm

Daily 15 minute meditations before work at 8:45am from the She Leads Change group


Die WiseA Manifesto for Sanity and Soul by Stephen Jenkins, a palliative nurse in Canada and founder of Orphan Wisdom. Stephen describes our uncomfortable relationship to dying through real experiences he has had at the bedside of dying patients, the conversations with their family members and listening to the same fear of death. I refer to this book all the time and it really transformed my relationship to living and dying, and how we humans frame it. From the minute we are born, we are dying. He puts dying in the centre and through his many conversations with the dying, and their loved ones, our greatest fear is being forgotten. That we cling on to life to stay a part of something, to stay important, the last hurrah of our ego. 

As we sit in the pandemic with panic and death edging towards our front doors, we will be called to embrace our relationship with dying and with grief. 
Stephen has written a blog about coronavirus too: 
“Leaving the wishing, the hoping, out of it. That’s how you leave the panic out: By leaving the hope out, too. By being a citizen – not an inmate – of a troubled time. “Window

Our wise booklist 

With the time we have now, you can finally make a start on your ‘aspirational’ bookshelf, which if you are like me is full of the books I should read and haven’t made the time too. This Wise booklist from our community is a good start, indeed I’m not sure many are left off!

Online events

These days, we are gathering online instead of in person. Thankfully, many organisations have transferred their planned events to online. Here are a few happening over the next few weeks: 

25th – 29th March In the Footsteps of Thich Nhat Hanh Online SummitBuddhist Wisdom Summit
Cultivate joy and transform suffering with wisdom from leading teachers in the Plum Village tradition of mindfulness, compassion, and peace.

27th – 29th March In Times of Crisis: A two day course With Pat McCabe & Bayo Akomolafe from our friends Ruby and Christabel Reed at the fantastic Advaya Initiative

“Often the ways we think about times of crisis become part of the crisis itself. At these times, a much deeper type of response is needed.” Book here: a similar theme, read our piece on Ritual and The Return to Mystery

Starts 27th MarchGAIA: Global Activation of Intention and Action from the Presencing Institute

“Covid-19, like any disruption, essentially confronts each of us with a choice: (1) to freeze, turn away from others, only care for ourselves, or (2) to turn toward others to support and comfort those who need help.” GAIA offers a 14 week process where you can book slots every day leading up to the Global Forum in July. It looks like a fun experiment to be part of!

5th April 2-4pm UK; 3-5pm CET: Our next online salon ‘Networks of Socio-Ecological Resilience’ 

Join us for a discussion on the ‘Networks of Socio-Ecological Resiliency in Collaborative Agrarian Communities in the Himalayan Region of Ladakh, India’ from a new friend of Art Earth Tech community Rory Egan Curtin. She is a buzzing community organiser with tonnes of energy and ideas, and we are excited to welcome her!

You are welcome to drop in just for a part or join for the whole session.
Meeting ID: 599 047 500; Find your local number:

Update from Art Earth Tech

We have WhatsApp groups (who doesn’t) in our hotspot locations: UK, France and Germany as well as a worldwide one for our members outside of those places. All of you are welcome to join, please follow the links below. 

If you are based in Berlin, we have our Berlin meet n’greet call: Friday 27th March 1pm CET. We are expanding our hub and community there (a little later than expected) and despite not being there as planned, that doesn’t mean the party stops! We are having a lunchtime call on Friday 27th – please only for those who live in Berlin or who are moving to Berlin. 

Call details:
Meeting ID: 599 047 500; Find your local number:

And don’t forget our global community call on Saturday 28th March 6pm CET (5pm UK) on our response to the Coronavirus as mentioned above. 

Call details:
Meeting ID: 599 047 500; Find your local number:

Recommended reading on CoronaVirus

This is our opportunity to create the future we want to live into, one where our communities flourish and are resilient. What we put in place now will help us in our future. Here is a comprehensive list of Covid 19 Mutual Aid groups set up across Europe and UK. There are places missing, so please do send us links to group you know of and are part of and we can help spread the word.

Similarly, this more US oriented website has commons-oriented, P2P-driven, open source initiatives to help combat the outbreak of Covid-19

For those of you who are seeking guides on living in community with the virus: this article could help A Guide to Self-Isolation and Social Distancing in Houses of Multiple Occupation

And for all of us, here is a list of guidelines to follow assembled by a friend of AET:
General guidelines COVID-19 (incl. for practically supporting vulnerable or infected people)

This reading list has articles on the political, economic, and social effects of the unfolding crisis: The Politics of COVID-19, Readings #5And finally, for the tech-minded, this crowd sourced CoronaVirus Tech Handbook is being developed with tech tools and data: Personal Protective Equipment


Prayer of Saint Francis of Assisi

Mother/Lord, make me an instrument of thy peace!

That where there is hatred, I may bring love.

That where there is wrong, I may bring the spirit of forgiveness.

That where there is discord, I may bring harmony.

That where there is error, I may bring truth.

That where there is doubt, I may bring faith.

That where there is despair, I may bring hope.

That where there are shadows, I may bring light.

That where there is sadness, I may bring joy.

Mother/Lord, grant that I may seek rather to comfort, than to be comforted.

To understand, than to be understood.

To love, than to be loved.

For it is by self-forgetting that one finds.

It is by forgiving that one is forgiven.

It is by dying that one awakens to Eternal Life.

—Saint Francis of Assisi—


No suffering is meaningless if it compels us to act: watch our latest film in response to Coronavirus

Watch our video response to the Coronavirus and join our Saturday Community Calls on the opportunities and lessons to take away from the Coronavirus

Saturday 6-8PM (CET) 5-7PM (UK)

Online call:

It is important in these times to put things in perspective and to do that, let’s first breathe and find our calm.

The Chinese word for crisis is composed of the word “Danger” and “Opportunity”. Right now, there is a lot of the conversation in the public space coming from a place of “fear” and focused on the danger and disruption.

Here, at Art/ Earth / Tech we would like to emphasise more the “Opportunity” – without in any way diminishing or denying the suffering arising for people – but focusing more on the lessons and reflection that we may take from it. This is a chance to reflect on our way of life and discover that we could live less busily and more humbly, spend more time with our family, play more with our children. An opportunity to look at our mortality and appreciate the preciousness of life and our loved ones.

Join our community call this Saturday 6-8pm (CET) 5-7PM (UK)


Covid-19 Mutual Aid Groups across Europe and UK

Across Europe and the UK, people have stepped up to take care and coordinate care, access, food and support in their local neighbourhoods. Below is a directory of groups in the countries we have available, and I am sure there are many others not on this list. Contributing to others wellbeing, the collective wellbeing, will help your own and keep the resilience of your community. This is our opportunity to create the future we want to live into. Please do email [email protected] if there are others to add to the list.

  • Location: Denmark 

Denmark Crowdsourcing Coronavirus Pandemi & Corona Vaccine 

Denmark Coronavirus Danmark – Covid-19 

Copenhagen Coronavirus Danmark – Covid-19 

  • Location: France (Paris)

Paris Paris face au Covid19 

Paris Paris area Corona Community Care let’s help each other out 

  • Location: Germany

Germany Corona-Virus | News | Verdachtsfälle & Hilfe. 

Germany Corona Virus Deutschland (Nachbarschaftshilfe, Ideen für Kinder usw) 

Hamburg Hamburg hilft sich Coronavirus Quarantäne Angebote Nachfrage 

Frankfurt Corona Hilfe Frankfurt Griesheim 


Berlin Coronavirus Nachbarschaftshilfe Berlin, Covid19 neighbourly help Berlin 

Berlin Coronavirus Nachbarschaftshilfe Berlin, Covid19 neighbourly help Berlin 

Berlin Corona Hilfe Berlin Tempelhof-Schöneberg

Nuremberg Corona-Hilfe-Gruppe Nürnberg und Umgebung 

Nuremberg Corona Virüs Dayanişma Nürnberg ( Paylaşim Serbest ) Arif Tzorta 

Stuttgart Corona-Hilfe-Gruppe Stuttgart und Umgebung 

Stuttgart Corona Virus Hilfe Stuttgart 

Düsseldorf Nachbarschaftshilfe Düsseldorf ( zu Corona – Zeiten) 

Oberhausen Corona-Hilfe Oberhausen 

Leipzig Corona Hilfe Leipzig

Leipzig Coronavirus Nachbarschaftshilfe Leipzig Zentrum 

  • Location: Netherlands

Amsterdam CoronaVirus Amsterdam 

Amsterdam AmsterdamAgainstCorona 

Amsterdam Amsterdam Corona Help 

Rotterdam Rotterdam Corona Help 

Utrecht Utrecht Against Corona 

Maastricht Corona Hulpvraag Maastricht 

  • Location: Belguim 

Antwerp Antwerpen – solidariteit met ouderen en zieken – Covid19 

Brussels Solidarité Solidariteit Brussels Bruxelles Coronavirus 

Brussels Verspreid solidariteit, geen virus! 

  • Location: Italy 

Milan milano coronavirus mutuo aiuto 

  • Location: Ireland 

Dublin Dublin 7 Covid-19 Community Support 

Dublin COVID 19 Emergency community support group BLANCH/CLONEE/DUBLIN 15 AREA 

Dublin CoronavirusVolunteersDublin 

Ireland Self-Isolation Helpers 


Ireland crisis cover 

Ireland Volunteer 

  • Location: Spain 

Barcelona Coronavirus SOS Network Group BARCELONA 

Barcelona Plataforma ayuda Covid 19 Barcelona 

  • Location: UK

Covid 19 Mutual Aid Groups spreadsheet

Covid 19 Mutual Aid UK website: