Art Earth Tech London Hub House Agreements

We are a mindful community seeking to create a sustainable shared space of warmth, getting stuff done, joy, creativity, generosity, acceptance and authentic connection.

We are committed to living together in a way that cultivates wisdom, compassion and care for ourselves, each other and the world around us.

Context for the Hub

Situation: We – and many others – want to live in a mindful, well, joyful, [affordable] sustainable, hopeful, creative, dynamic, getting stuff done community with a base in London [that would ultimately support children as well] and which would support us in right livelihood, getting stuff done and being well and mindful; many communities fail because they lack shared goals and vision, shared practices and lack tools to do emotional cleaning and deal with conflicts (and/or the capacity to use those tools); and, finally, a flat in London has just been purchased and “rented” to AET for £15k per annum and AET has a plan for a network of rural-city spaces that provide a base for community members, a meeting place to share and build a big vision and be of inspiration to others.

Complication: We are not currently living in an [affordable] mindful getting stuff done community, meeting place and people connector in London and we don’t know of one we can join with the right balance of being and doing, requisite rigour and connection with [AET’s] greater goals; and AET requires a base in cities like London ( to scale and demonstrate the middle way) and to generate a return on the investment it has received (both to attract future investment and to provide surplus for future investments like expanding the Hub).

Question: How can we manage the London space especially in terms of tools, values and rules over the next 18m-3y such that the community running it is sustainable, creative, well, joyful, mindful, getting stuff done; and, that furthers AET’s goal of a wiser world by facilitating like-minded people to connect and align, develop ideas, support each other in taking concrete action in a context of open-mindedness, critical rigour and prioritising quality over quantity.

Hypothesis: Create a hub built around a coliving community and supporting a broader community of members, based on mindful living, critical open-mindedness, integrous workability, getting stuff done, and a sustainable, well-defined, mix of public and private space and time; and that supports its members in connection, ideation and concrete action [in pursuit of a wiser world], and, more broadly, acts as a prototype for further evolution of coliving, co-projecting (incubator) and expansion of the AET nodes. Five Mindfulness Principles

Hub Agreement

Written in the present tense, as if explaining how the Hub works to a new person. Shared Meals Shared meals are an important part of the ‘glue’ that holds our community together. We share all our food, so anyone can eat anything in the kitchen unless it is clearly labelled otherwise. We are expected to cook supper once a week. Supper is cooked for 7:30pm. We have supper together twice a week (days will be specified in advance and can be adjusted by residents based on consensus). We have breakfast together twice a week. Shared meals are vegan/vegetarian and friendly towards people with other dietary requirements (e.g. gluten free). It is fine for people to supplement their own diet with meat or fish, but this isn’t cooked as part of the main dish. We take it in turns to wash up communal meals. If you cooked, you don’t have to wash up. We aim to cook a fairly large amount, ideally so that there are leftovers for people coming home late or for lunch the next day.

Collective Responsibility

We take collective responsibility for the care of the Hub, and try to keep it tidy for each other. For example, when we finish in the kitchen, we try to wash up the things we have used. As the communal part of the Hub will be used intensively we understand that keeping things clean and tidy, putting things away after us, washing up after us and not leaving things lying around in the main space is a priority for our well-being and harmonious on going relationship. The aspiration is to leave the Hub communal spaces cleaner than you found them. The expectation is that everyone will do the following things each week: Cook dinner once (or twice if working in a pair) Wash up dinner once (or twice if working in a pair) Be present for the majority of Hub meetings We have a cleaning rota, and each week one person is responsible for a deep clean of the communal spaces (kitchen, living room, bathroom, toilet, corridor) including hoovering, cleaning all surfaces in bathroom and kitchen etc. Any time put into the Hub in addition to the above is freely given. For example, if some of us choose to work on the garden, spend time hosting guests, or bake a cake, we take care not to feel resentment towards anyone who is not choosing to do this, or believe that they are somehow ‘not doing their fair share’. Guests who are staying for more than three days or more are expected to help out with the cooking, cleaning and washing up (on a pro-rata basis). The Hub is quiet after 11pm and before 7am.

Communicating & Resolving Conflicts

“Getting complete”, emotional “cleaning” and conflict resolution is a priority in our community. We believe that unspoken resentment and unresolved disagreements cause blocked relationships that damage a community. We seek to create safe spaces for each other and to learn tools such as meditation, integrity (restoration), flower watering (acknowledgement), non-violent communication and sharing to help us transform conflict into positive growth. We are determined to show-up to each other, not hide from things for convenience, when we have a chance to address issues in a sufficiently safe and kind space. We do a practice like “beginning anew” at least once a month prior to or just after a communal meal (the first communal meal of the month).