Art Earth Tech Taipei Hub

The Art Earth Tech Taipei Hub is a place to experience Taiwanese hospitality and wisdom; a place to discuss the trends shaping our society; and a place where networks are created to support one another in the possibility of creating an exciting future.

We are practical and natural. We connect the ancient and the modern. Our interests ranges from nature to neuroscience, Dada to data. We seek harmony and to disrupt, bringing together art and technology, earth and spirit, science and wisdom, freedom and discipline, mindfulness and intention. Our name reflects this commitment to a holistic approach.

The hub is a home in Taipei for people looking to find a middle-way between the hamster wheel and Mani wheel, the condo and the campervan. Through art, talks, residencies and initiatives, we come together to be and to do, but mostly be. The doing always takes care of itself when the being is good.

Joining the Taipei Hub

The Taipei Hub is currently home to an educational initiative called The LEAP. We welcome members from different disciplines to come join us in our efforts, or to develop their own project through residencies.

We believe that the best communities are the ones that are aligned on their values, agreements and ethos. New members can join upon invitation of an existing member. If you want to know more about our community please get in touch or join one of our public events.

Get in touch

Please email [email protected] if you want to chat. We’re a friendly bunch.