A bit more into details

APRIL 14, 2016

Here are some examples of the kinds of areas we discuss:

Digital distraction, digital addiction:

Are we addicted to our technology and are we losing ourselves in the “matrix”? If so, what can we do?

New Paradigm

What is the biggest thing that we don't know we don't know? In 1500, nobody knew that they didn't know the earth went round the sun and the earth was not the center of the universe. Copernicus showed the way. Unless we are guilty of enormous hubris, there must be something BIG we haven't spotted. What is this next REALLY big thing? The next paradigm may well be that of the mind: is the world outside of us? how does the mind affect the body?

Mindful Tech

Can we find a mindful approach to digital technology? Can we make an information age a mindful age?

Subversive Ecology

We will consider how thinking in ecological systems viewpoints can fundamental shift how we see our place in the world and therefore what is and isn't a problem, and how to go about dealing with apparent problems in new ways.

Information to Insight

How can we explore issues such as climate change or inequality using data? What insights can we create, what skills can we learn?